This Sacrament is known by different names; ‘Confession’, ‘Penance’ and, more recently ‘Reconciliation.’ ‘Reconciliation’ is the proper and better name for this Sacrament because it is a better description of the reality of what happens when we receive it.

Every Sacrament is a celebration of the action of God in our lives. Reconciliation- which is the result of our repentance and confession and God’s forgiveness- is something we can celebrate. The names ‘Penance’ and ‘Confession’ are describing only what we do in the Sacrament and are therefore inadequate names.

Communal Celebration of the Sacrament of Reconciliation

This takes place during Advent just before Christmas and during Lent just before Easter. A number of priests from the Pastoral Area come on these occasions to hear individual Confessions.