Laudate si Week 19-26 May

The theme for Laudate Si week 2024 is "Seeds of Hope"

There are no lasting changes without cultural changes … and there are no cultural changes without personal changes” (Laud Deum, 70).

​Suggestions for the Week:​

Sunday 19th: Feast of Pentecost  

Invoking the Spirit take contemplative time and allow yourself to perceive the divine presence in every element of creation.

Monday 20th: Sustainable Transportation.

“God, protect and guide us on our daily journeys. May each step we take be an act of love and responsibility towards the planet and to all beings who inhabit it”.

Tuesday 21st: Sustainable Food

“God, we thank you for the bounty of the earth. Give us the wisdom and responsibility to care for and protect the earth that provides us with love and abundance”.

Wednesday 22nd: Renewable Energy

“Lord, may we recognize the richness of the renewable energies you have bestowed upon us. Inspire us to adopt and promote their use in our daily lives, decreasing our reliance on fossil fuels. Help us to care for our common home, fostering a cleaner and more sustainable future for all”.

Thursday 23rd: Waste Reduction

“God of love, show us our place in this world as children of the earth. May we serve nature which sustains life. Help us to share the fruits of the earth without selfishness so that all may prosper”.

Friday 24th: Water Conservation

“Lord, may we be conscious of the 2 billion people living in countries with high water stress. May we by our actions help preserve this essential resource for future generations”.

Saturday 25th: Catechesis and Integral Ecology

“Caring for nature is part of our Christian faith in the following of Jesus. May our words, actions, practices and values strengthen the testimony of our faith in daily life”.

Sunday 26: Reflection and Commitment Sunday

“May we commit ourselves as individuals, communities and groups to small sustaining lifestyle changes so as make a considerable collective impact on environmental preservation and the planet’s health for the future”.