June examinations

June is a month when many students sit examinations.

The Junior & Leaving Certificate exams are associated with June and commence on Wednesday 8th

Very best of luck to all sitting exams
St Joseph of cupertino prayer for exam students is attached.

Prayer to St Joseph of Cupertino

For success in examinations.

O humble St. Joseph of Cupertino
singularly favoured by God in overcoming
the difficulties of study and the worries of 
examinations, implore the Holy Spirit to
enlighten my mind and strengthen my
memory in the search of His truth and 
wisdom.  Help me especially in the decisive
moments of this examination, protecting
me from the forgetfulness and disturbing
anxiety which often affects me.  May I
succeed in offering God my finest work and
may I grow in knowledge, understanding
humility and charity.  May everything that I
attempt to learn in life be offered in faithful
service to God from whom flows that
wisdom which leads to eternal life Amen.

St Joseph of Cupertino pray for me

our Lady of Good Studies pray for me,

Holy Spirit enlighten me.



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