Bishops Emergency Appeal for Trocaire's response to growing humanitarian crisis in East Africa took place on weekend of 6 & 7 November.

Our parishioners responded sympathetically to the Appeal.  An outstanding amount of €3385 was contributed.  Many thanks for your kindness & generosity



Bishops have expressed “deep concern” at the sharp rise in the number of people in East Africa who have fallen into poverty and hunger due to the triple threats of Climate Change, Covid-19 and conflict.

The emergency appeal comes as world leaders meet this week at the COP26 Summit in Glasgow to agree urgent measures to halt the devastating impact of climate change, especially in developing countries.

Chair of Trócaire, Bishop William Crean, said funds raised this weekend will be used to support Trócaire in its work delivering much needed aid to Ethiopia, Somalia, South Sudan, South Kordofan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where up to 30 million people are currently facing life-threatening food shortages.

Bishop Crean said: “The needs in East Africa are increasing every day and are being exacerbated by climate change which is causing ongoing drought. The reality is that the vulnerable communities in developing countries who have contributed least to climate change are impacted most.”

“Wealthier countries, while protecting their most vulnerable citizens, also have a moral responsibility to ensure that the populations of developing countries have equal, rapid and effective access to Covid-19 vaccine coverage.”

Trócaire CEO, Caoimhe de Barra, said: “A deadly mix of climate change, conflict, Covid-19, and desert locust infestation have pushed millions of people across East Africa to the very edge of starvation.”

“Large-scale assistance – including food, nutrition, and water – must be delivered to save lives. Trócaire is responding in East Africa targeting the most vulnerable, including children, the elderly, people with disabilities and those who have been displaced from their homes by climate change and conflict.”

Ms de Barra said delayed and significantly below-average rainfall due to climate change has exacerbated the food insecurity situation in the region.

“The price of staple foods, fuel, and water are rising. This is coupled by a third wave of Covid-19 in East Africa destroying livelihoods and pushing millions into desperation. The situation is also increasing the risks faced by women and girls, including gender-based violence and sexual exploitation and abuse.”

People can donate to the appeal at